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We at Express Dead Body Transport Services are here to help you at every step.

Many people feel overwhelmed when a loved one dies and are unsure what to do.
We carry your Loved Ones to their Last Resting Place

Dead Body Domestic Air Transport Services

Express Dead Body transport services provide services for shipment of the human dead body in entire India by Air, Rail and Road mode as per convenience/Requirement of the Client. We Provide Services to obtain Documents Required for Shipment of Dead Body within India & International Services include; Documentation Assistance, Embalming, Coffin Box, Customs Clearance, Cargo Booking & Attendant Travel arrangement(Tickets, visa. etc.).

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Dead Body International Air Transport Services

Express Dead Body Transport services arrange everything for you. One call to Express dead body transport services, and we will quickly set the ball rolling. Courses of action are made to gather the expired from the spot of death and move them to a concerned individual or place .

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Dead Body Road Transport Services

Transportation of the dead body via ground, either within a city or between cities in the same state or Inter- State "Our primary objective at Express dead body transport Service is to expect customer's needs, then help them by providing skilled services".

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Dead Body Train Transport Services

Transportation of the dead body via railways, between states Domestic shipping (i.e. inside the nation ) can frequently be arranged at a reasonable expense if just a '‘minimum ship-out service’ is contracted for the dispatching burial service home.

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Nitesh Rai
Nitesh Rai
I did not have any problem with the transportion of the dead body, from Kuwait to bagdogra airport, communication from the transport people was very good.sanjay khanna was very helpful and patient with us. Very good service.
Krishali verma
Krishali verma
Honest service and tension free service.
Shashank Shaw
Shashank Shaw
Mr Sanjay is very humble, kind and serves the needy with passion and devotion. He helped getting the remains from one of the country to the other. You can trust him, he is very genuine and very honest. May Lord Shiva always bless him and give him the strength and energy to continue his noble work.
Harshan Jagadeesh
Harshan Jagadeesh
Big thanks to Mr. Khanna and his team for helping us in difficult times. Just one call, he took care of end to end logistics.
Ratan Ray
Ratan Ray
Good service provide helpful Good co-ordinate
Sudeshna Biswas
Sudeshna Biswas
We are from Durgapur , a small town in West Bengal. One of my uncle died in Delhi, we were in so much pain that we couldn’t even imagine what to do next. We searched on the internet and found the phone number of Sanjay Khanna Sahab. We talked with him and he managed everything so well that within 12 hours we got the handover of the dead body of our uncle. I have never seen such a humble person like Sanjay Khanna Sahab before. He informed us about every single updates. I will remain thankful to him till my last breath! Money is not everything but the cooperation and support which Sanjay Ji provided is something which money cant buy. I blindly recommend Sanjay Khanna Sahab . Regards, Sudeshna
Sarthak Dey
Sarthak Dey
This team smoothly moved my father's dead body from Dwarka hospital to Kolkata. They covered Hospital to nearest airport ambulance change, coffin related charge and flight fare. Though it's bit costly but value for money. And they provided service 24*7.
Rakesh Aggarwal
Rakesh Aggarwal
End to end service was provided to us for transferring my uncles dead body from Gujrat to Delhi. From getting the Police NOC TO embalmment to air tickets, everything was done professionally and regular updates were being given even at 2:00am in the morning. Mr sanjay Khanna is a very humble and helpful person.

We are connected with all hospitals and airlines.

  • Fortis Hospital
  • Lady Hardin Medical College
  • Maharaja Agarsen
  • Max Healthcare
  • medanta
  • SGRH
  • air-india
  • american-airlines
  • bangkok-airways
  • British Airways
  • Delta Airlines
  • emirates
  • Indigo
  • Jet Airways
  • klm-royal-dutch-airlines
  • lufthansa
  • Malaysia Airlines
  • Qatar Airways
  • Sri Lankan Airlines