Uttarakhand has become a must-to-visit destination for pilgrimage. Lakhs of pilgrims travel from every part of the country to offer their prayers to sacred 'Char Dham'. Badrinath is one of the four adobe situated in the Chamoli district of the state. Lying close to the Himalayas, the region is prone to landslides and extreme weather conditions. The tracks are full of tourists hurling one another to reach the shrine during the peak season. Loss of life is quite common in such a situation, especially when the pilgrim has severe health problems. If you loved one dies in the middle of their journey, you might feel bewildered. With the fast dead body transport Badrinath by air, the deceased's family doesn't have to wait any longer. At Express dead body Transport, we shift the human remains from your preferred location in Badrinath to the neighboring cities(Dehradun, Haridwar, Kedarnath) or any other part of the country where you reside. International transportation services are also available upon your request.

Our experienced staff ensures you aren't alone in your journey to get your deceased's body back by providing you full assistance in paperwork for relocating the body. Dead body transport in Badrinath by air requires packing the body in a coffin box after successful embalming, booking air cargo and cargo clearance. All these prerequisites are taken care of by our staff members. Even if you are part of the body transportation process for the first time, you don't have to worry! Express dead body transportation will aid you in every step. Following are the documents needed for air shipping the body -

-Death Certificate from the hospital
-Photo & ID proof of deceased
-Embalming certificate
-No Objection Certificate (NOC)
-Coffin Box certificate

Call us and book an air cargo/plane with our dead body transport in Badrinath by air services.

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