The time following the demise of a family member is the most painful one. The moment a doctor declares your loved ones pass away is the beginning of a prolonged struggle. If he/she didn’t live with you, the amount of sadness you experience is bigger, because you were there to support them. Though, you couldn’t save your loved ones from dying, giving them a dignified funeral will honor their death. Through dead body transport Mumbai by air you can ship the corpse anywhere in the country and outside. We have years of experience in cadaver repatriation. Our staff is well-equipped with the pre-funeral procedures and meeting the requirements set by the various airlines in the country for shipping human remains.

People often move to new cities for a better career, to study or to raise their living standards. Mumbai is populated with a large number of expatriates. The capital of Maharashtra is counted in the city with the highest rate of road accidents and crimes. It’s citizens are prone to mishaps. Express dead body transport Mumbai offers immediate assistance during such moment, to ensure the corpse don’t remain unattended. One of our representatives will accompany a family member. There will not only arrange an air cargo carrier for the dead but also help them with the paperwork, custom clearance, purchase of coffin, etc.

Being in this business for years, we have built a network of service providers who will offer you embalming, packing and other essentials at a reasonable price. All the parties provide us their services at discounted prices which reduces the overall funeral expense for families we serve. To ensure you get the best value, our staff first runs a quality checks before assigning the body.

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