We offer local, regional, interstate and cross-country dead body transport all over India. Surat is the eighth largest city in the country with vast garment industry. A large fraction of exporters stop by at the ‘City of Sun’ to explore the diamonds market and textile industry. Their sudden death in a foreign land can leave their loved ones distressed. Finding your next of kin dead is a soul-shaking experience. The first thing that strikes a brevetted family member's mind is to get possession of the body and bring it to hometown. The Express dead body transport Surat by air provides swift repatriation services to ensure you don't have to wait too long to perform their last rites.

What is Repatriation?

It is the process of transporting a cadaver from one city to another within the country or outside. Dead body transport Surat by air must happen as per the laws. For security clearance, you must possess all the documents(death certificate, NOC from Police, Photo ID and more).

What we do?

Whether you have to airlift a deceased from Surat to another city in India or another country or return your dead loved one from any corner of India / abroad to Surat our services will help you with both. Express dead body transport’s funeral professionals assist you in the following -

Completion of the required documents

Getting the dead body embalmed

Buying of Coffin Box

Air Cargo clearance and dispatch

Delivering the body at the destination

Liaising with Consulate / Embassy (international transportation)

According to your comfort, you can either book only the dead body transport in surat by air or additional services you might need along with the repatriation.

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