Grieving over the loss of loved one’s life can take you days. However, their funeral should be conducted as soon as possible as the dead body begins deteriorating. If the deceased passed away in another city/ country, and he/ she has to be shifted to your home for last rites then dead body transport Vijayawada by air is the best mode. It allows you to relocate the body from the current location in the shortest time duration. Our staff is proficient in taking care of the dead body and arranging the air cargo for corpse.

How dead body transport in Vijayawada by air takes place?

The below four parties play a major role in the transportation process along with the step you need to take before the repatriation. Without their liaise the dead body can't receive a clearance from the local authorities.

1. Hospital - Visit a nearby hospital and get a death certificate from the doctor. If the body was taken for a post-mortem, obtain a disposal order certificate. Then, store the body in a mortuary until the other documents are prepared.

2. Police Station - Get the NOC from the local police station and hand it to the guardian / relative.

3. Embalming Service - Obtain the embalming and coffin certificate from the mortuary. Purchase the coffin and pack the body in it.

4. Airlines - Submit the above-mentioned documents along with a photo ID proof and book air cargo. After confirmation of booking report at AWS section at least 4 hours before the departure.

Taking all these steps is not easy for bereaved family members who are still in deep shock from the death. To help such people we have a team of experts who will lend you a helping hand in the procedures preceding the corpse repatriation process.

The dead body transport Vijayawada services are offered at an affordable cost to ensure you don't have to spend a fortune for the transportation.

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