Bhuwaneswar, also known as the 'temple city of India' is the capital of Odisha. It is a home to 700 temples which make it a must-visit on a traveler list. An influx of people enter here for touring purpose often belong to another city or country. If they die in the city, they family is trapped in a chaos. Their loved ones are usually unaware of the legal procedure to transport the deceased to their hometown. Our dead body transport Bhuwaneshwar by air services comes to their rescue. To safety send the human remains across two cities/ countries, you can rely on us.

We at Express body transport work with you to bring back your deceased loved ones home. Our experienced staff has repatriated dead bodies to and from Bhuwaneshwar in the past. They will assist you in every step until the transportation process is completed. From getting the death certificate to selection of coffin and its certification, we help you with everything. One of our funeral directors will accompany the bereaved to local authorities for obtaining the documents and certificates mandated for dead body transport Bhuwaneshwar by air. Once all the formalities are completed by our staff, the air cargo is booked for preferred destination.

The Biiju Patnaik International Airport serves as the main center for corpse repatriation in the city. Though, we try to relocate the body as soon as possible, the time taken in the transportation totally depends on the availability of the cargo carrier and the legal procedures.

We understand the pain you undergo after the death of your loved one. The last rites become a burden when it is out of your budget. The cost of dead body transport in Bhuwaneshwar is therefore kept affordable. We charge you only a small fee for the services rendered, the rest is the cost of cargo and coffin box. Contact us today, and get the human remains of your loved one.

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