The end of life is a phase that the deceased doesn’t feel but the family left behind feels. It is excruciating and anxious to see someone die. When someone dies in the family, the loved ones are not in a state of mind to perform any chores. They spend time grieving. Many places in Delhi and other parts of India have started availing of the funeral services. One of them is funeral services in Karol Bagh. This place is located in the western part of the capital state.

Types of funeral services in Karol Bagh that we offer

Freezer box: After a person’s death, it takes time for some people to arrive from different parts of the country or even outside. It is, therefore, important that you preserve the dead body from decomposition. To slow down the process and preserve the freshness of your loved one, we provide freezer boxes.

Chautha: When a Hindu person dies, Chautha is an important ritual performed on the fourth day after the demise of a person. We provide every necessity required to fulfill this ritual without any hassle. While you are busy performing all the prayers required to help the soul of body reincarnate peacefully, we take care of this backend work. Our funeral service in Karol Bagh is a well-known one and highly recommended.

Terhveen: The thirteenth day or terhveen is one of the most important days after a person’s death. On this day, a priest performs prayer and pravachans for the last time and is believed to let the soul rest in peace. Different people have different way of performing this ritual. Worry not, because we have customized funeral services in Karol Bagh and other parts of Delhi.

We understand how difficult it is for a family to overcome the death of their loved one. This is where we step in. We want you to pay all your attention to the grief that you are going through and not be bothered by other equally important things. Get the best funeral services in Karol Bagh and ease the process of mourning and grieving.

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