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Chennai is a heavily-populated city (and capital) of Tamil Nadu, with people migrating from the nearby cities for better career opportunities. When your loved one who started living in Chennai dies, you have two options: either to travel and perform the funeral at the place of death or shift the deceased home to you. Dead body transport Chennai by air gives you the facility to quickly bring the corpse to hometown and begin with the cremation/burial of the dead body.

Body repatriation is not a simple process. It is strictly monitored by government authorities. To shift the body from one state/ country to another, you should first gather the documents required. It includes NOC from the local police station, a medical certificate from the local hospital, photo and ID proof of the deceased, and more. For cargo clearance the body embalmed. With embalming certificate, a coffin certification and above-mentioned documents you will get the cargo clearance. The paperwork can take a lot of time depending on the circumstances in which your loved one died. If it was a natural death, the release of the body from Chennai wouldn't take much time. The cost of dead body transport Chennai by air depends on the distance between the starting and ending point of the route. Express body transport keeps the prices minimum to make the cost affordable for every section of society.

Your dead loved one can rest in peace only after their body undergoes the last rites. During the grieving period preparing the documents for transportation is a painful experience. When you are still in shock from their death, every action you take might feel like a burden. We work as a companion throughout the paperwork, to ensure your loved one's body reaches to your home on time.

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