Chandigarh city is the capital of two adjoining states, Haryana and Punjab. Due to the presence of government offices, booming IT sector and low crime rate it attracts plenty of attention from the youth. People from neighboring areas migrate to the union territory for job opportunities. They leave their hometowns settling in a city with no support system. If they suddenly expire, their loved ones have to struggle to bring their human remains back. Express Dead body transport Chandigarh by air is the quickest and safest means for shipping the deceased to their family. It allows you to shift the dead from the location of death to the crematory or funeral home via air cargo carrier.

Our staff specializes in corpse transportation. When you hire best dead body transport Chandigarh by air services, the geographical boundaries can't stop you from collecting the corpse of your loved ones and giving them a dignified funeral. The death of a family member can shatter you from inside, leaving you feeling depressed and gloomy. You might not be in the right frame of mind to complete the post-death legal procedures.

To help you in the quest of freeing your loved one's body from the current location, we will lend you a helping hand. Our representative along with the bereaved will liaise with the local authorities to obtain the necessary documents. They also take the airport formalities into their own hands and prepare the body for dispatch. From searching a coffin to getting it certified (approved by funeral director), we take care of everything.

Legal procedures for Corpse Transportation

Contacting the Embassy of the accepting nation is the first step for international dead body transport. To satisfy the legal transportation requirements, you need -

● Approval on cargo ticket from the receiving airlines.

● Cancellation of the passport of the dead person.

● Clearance from the deceased’s embassy and health authorities.

For national transportation, you must register the death at the local hospital, acquire NOC, coffin certificate, and the ID of the deceased. Through our national dead body transport service, you can send body from Chandigarh to Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi and other Indian states, as well as from other states to Chandigarh.

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