The cost of flying a dead body varies from one location to another. Domestic dead body transport costs from 17k to 25k including all procedures such as embalming services, dead body packing and other documentation including the cost of deceased transport.

International Dead Body Transportation costs between 50k and 1.2 lakhs depending on the country you are traveling to.

For cargo flights there are a few formalities to Dead body Transport Prayagraj By Air:

1. Body condition: Dead body condition must be embalmed and sealed in a box of coffins. In the embalming and sealing body in a coffin bag, funeral service providers will help you. This facility is also available in some well-known hospitals and all institutes of medical science.

2. Passenger flight ticket: Book your flight ticket 7-8 hours prior to departure at least. So there's a sufficient amount of time left for embalming the body, locking in the Coffin box and other documentation needed to get it done and keep in mind that you must report at least 3 hours before the actual flight date. The documents needed to carry the dead body transportation by air should be rendered in English and at least 6 sets of photocopies of all these documents should be provided.

3. Death certificate from the concerned hospital / medical authority. The hospital provides a certificate if death occurs in the hospital.

You have a funeral home to choose from. It may be hard to find the best, but you can ask for advice and consult. The cost of these products varies between packages. The last thing you could do on your list could be to look for the fairest price, but you should, in real terms.

To take advantage of any type of Dead body Transport Prayagraj By Air including embalming along with coffin packaging, ambulance services with standard precautions, at better cost and timeline, trust the service provider to perform the procedure smoothly.

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