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Express dead body International air transport services arrange everything for you.
Time is of the essence if a body should be transported nationally or Internationally. One call to Express dead body transport services, and
we will quickly set the ball rolling. Courses of action are made to gather the expired from the spot of death and move them to a concerned individual or place.

We guarantee the right readiness for transportation, and "endorsed" accepting nation shipping holder. We handle all the organization and arrange all neighborhood, state, and "getting nation" department printed material and handle the booking of every global flight. As "Known Shippers" with every single significant aircraft, an Express dead body transport services can ordinarily affirm flight accessibility easily and on quick pace. An accomplished funeral home services supplier will be versant with transportation windows and twilight discharge forms, guaranteeing they can transport your loved one home as quickly as would be possible.

The specialized team taking care of the transportation will likewise liaise with the accepting nation, or state, burial service supplier to guarantee a consistent transportation process. They additionally handle the conveyance and supervision onto the deceased’s international or domestic flight.

The export/import of human remains needs to meet the controls of both the landing and accepting nation. A guaranteed English translation of the demise declaration, composed approval from neighborhood powers to evacuate the body, and a testament of the embalming must go with the body.

  • We Provide Services to obtain Documents Required for Shipment of Dead Body within India & International Services include; Documentation Assistance, Embalming, Coffin Box, Customs Clearance, Cargo Booking & Attendant Travel arrangement(Tickets, visa. etc.).
  • At times, you may require intermediate mortuary services before actual shipment or due to any unforeseen delay, we will arrange interim mortuary services for the dead body.
  • Following Documents are required for shipment to International Destinations :
  • Death Certificate from respective Hospital.
  • Embalming Certificate ( Hospital which embalms the human body)
  • No Objection Certificate from the Local Police.
  • Dead Body should be packed in a coffin in sealed condition.
  • Coffin Box Maker certificate
  • Photo ID Card (Original Passport / Driving License/ Aadhar Card / Electoral ID Card) issued by respective Authority.
  • Passport Cancellation from Embassy (Clearance Letter)
  • Contact details & address of consignee who will take delivery at the Airport.
  • No Objection certificate from the respective country consulate.

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