Funeral is the first and foremost ritual after the death of a person. Hearing your loved one is 'no more' is horrifying. It takes courage to shake off the sadness and distress that engulfs you after your family member dies. If he/she lived in another city / country, it takes longer to conduct the last rites. The process of shipping the human remains of the deceased to his place of origin is a complicated process. For cross country shipment, the guardian has to acquire permits from both the country of departure and the accepting nation. To board a dead body transport Lucknow by air, documents of clearance and embalming are necessary. We at Express Dead Body Transport Lucknow service are dedicated to providing reliable corpse repatriation service. Whether you want complete assistance (from booking funeral home to reaching the crematory / burial ground) or only the transportation facilities, we will tailor our services as per your needs.

The dead body begins to rot within 24 hours of death of a person. Only a freezing temperature can reduce the deterioration rate. Body can become a breeding ground for deadly diseases. To prevent this from happening, the airlines have made embalming a prerequisite for flying bodies. During the process the body fluids are replaced with chemical solution. The body can't be packed in any container/coffin. The airlines have their own guidelines. The size and material of coffin should be chosen as per the directions of the airlines. The same is applicable to the packing. Usually the body is wrapped in foam and coffin is laid on the air tray to avoid unforeseen damages. We have a network of professionals who will cater you these services at a pocket-friendly cost.

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