The intensity of despair and sadness you feel when a loved one dies is equivalent to the amount of happiness you experience on their birth. Hearing the news of their demise might stun you for a while. During such sensitive moments, you need the help of an expert to get through everything and perform the last rites. If the deceased died in a city far away, the first and foremost thing you might consider is transporting them to Bagdogra. We offer dead body transport Bagdogra by air to help shift the deceased to their family through our affordable and quick services.

The process of shipping human remains within a country is called national repatriation. The dead body transport Bagdogra by air to other cities in India is a less complicated process. As the legal guardian of the body, you have to visit the nearby healthcare centre and get loved one declared dead and a death certificate issued. On its basis, the local police station will provide you with the NOC certificate. If you fail to acquire them, you don't have to worry. Our staff liaise with the local authorities to complete the formalities.

International transportation involves the embassy of the accepting country and therefore takes a longer time. It also requires additional documents such as passport cancellation from the country consulate. At Express dead body transport we offer excellence in returning the dead to their last spot, i.e. the funeral home / their loved ones. Even if you have no knowledge of the post-death procedures, we will ensure the body is safely relocated between the sending and accepting airlines. We book the air carrier cargo and the ticket for the accompanying relative/ family members at the earliest possible date. The body is embalmed and packed in a coffin that meets the standards. We ensure everything happens as per the laws, so the human remains are returned to its people and the last rites can be performed.

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