Every year a large number of tourists come to Assam to immerse themselves into its beautiful architecture, wildlife and tea plantation. The patients from the neighboring cities also disperse in the state to take advantage of better healthcare facilities. A number of citizens from other cities die in a tea garden of India. The demise of a loved one might leave you baffled. If you are not a localite, you have to wait for days before the dead body arrives at your home. Dead body transport Assam by air fastens the corpse transportation process. We at Express dead body transport meticulously plan the entire post-dead activities to ensure the deceased is sent to their family without even the slightest damage.

Once a person is declared dead by the doctor, you need to follow the below steps -

1. Get the death certificate made from a local hospital.

2. Obtain the NOC from the local police station.

3. Visit the mortuary to find an embalmer.

4. Get the coffin & coffin certificate.

The last step is to book the cargo and the flight for the family member traveling with the corpse. There are some additional documents along with you will need for the cargo clearance (embalming certificate, coffin certificate, etc.). Our funeral director will guide you through all these steps. He posses all the knowledge needed to help you with the documentation and completion of formalities.

Who needs the dead body transport Assam by air service? People who are looking to transport a dead body in Assam to another city in India or other nation, and vice versa. The cadaver is prepared for the flight by our professional team. Being in the funeral industry for several years gives us an extra edge over the other players.

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