'Death' the word in itself is a form of devastation. When a loved one dies it leaves the entire family in despair and sadness. They are shocked by the demise and have no idea of what to do next. Deceased who live in another city or country is shipped to the hometown for the funeral ceremony by their loved ones. If you too need to ship the human remains, dead body transport in Faridabad by air is the best option.

At Express Body Transport we have a team dedicated advisers to assist the bereaved families. Our professionals worked with the airlines, funeral homes, and Embassy/consulate to offer you hassle-free corpse repatriation. Below are some of the services we provide along with dead body Transport Faridabad by air.

Embalming Services - A body can't be airlifted without being disinfected. Embalming procedure not only removes germs but also preserved the dead for a longer time.

Freezing System - Extremely low temperature( between -5 degree to -15 degree) slows the decomposition of the dead body to a great extent. When a deceased has to be transported between two nearby cities or from the hospital/morgue to a funeral home, a freezer is a great alternative.

Coffin Box - The dead body transport Faridabad is done by wrapping a body info packaging material and placing it inside a box. This protect is from damages.

Documentation - People who have never repatriated their dead loved ones generally find is difficult to get the clearance from the local authorities on time. Our staff will help you in the creation of all the mandatory certificates and liaising with the officials.

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