Loved ones are those precious gems who enrich your life with their presence. Their demise can leave you shattered. To deal with the death of a next of kin is both mentally and physically draining. You are aware of the reality that they have already passed away but your heart betrays your mind and doesn't accept the harsh truth that they are dead. If the loved one died in another city, you might feel bewildered and also lack the practically to handle the situation. Dead body transport Varanasi by air is a solution. Using an air cargo you can send body across borders and to city within the country. It takes only a few documents and clearance from the local authorities for booking their last journey.

Though, coping up with the death of loved ones is never easy, giving them a dignified funeral can lessen your pains. Below are the steps for document clearance -

When a death takes place even if it is natural, you can't shift the body from one corner of the country to another without supervision of judicial system.

● As soon as the person dies, visit the nearby hospital/ clinic for the death certificate. If he/ she dies in a hospital, you will have to go to different hospital who will declare the person dead and provide your with the death certificate.

● The next step is to visit the local police station for NOC which state that the person died under normal consequence, no crime was involved in his death.

● The third step is taking the cadaver to embalmer who will protect it from deterioration.

● The four and final step is to get a coffin box as per the guidelines of the airlines and coffin box certificate.

● In case of International dead body transport in Varanasi by air you will have to speak to the consulate / embassy.

Dead body transport Varanasi by air service will assist you in all these steps along with custom clearance.

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