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November 15, 2023
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November 24, 2023

From Kedarnath To Delhi To Kolkata By Air


It is heart-wrenching to lose your partner. It becomes a tormenting affair when the spouse passes away in a foreign land. A couple had traveled to Kedarnath for pilgrimage. It turned out to be their last trip together because the wife passed away. They hailed from a tinsel town in West Bengal. Our dead body transport service came in handy for the husband, who was clueless about his next steps.

As the husband had a language barrier, we pitched in for the talks and discussions with the cops and the doctors responsible for the post-mortem. We helped in the documentation of the corpse and the husband. After these formalities, we got them to Delhi by road. From Delhi, we booked the corpse in one of the flights to Kolkata from Delhi. We also booked the air ticket for the same flight for the husband.

Our responsibility didn’t end there. We wanted the grieving husband with his wife’s corpse to reach their hometown with no difficulty. Going that extra mile to relief someone from a tormenting situation is the least we could do.