From Hyderabad To Guwahati By Air
November 15, 2023
From Kedarnath To Delhi To Kolkata By Air
November 15, 2023

From Ahmedabad To Lucknow By Air To Sultanpur By Road


Death is inevitable but what is tormenting is the pain of losing someone at a distant place. The pain adds on because the person grieving for the lost loved one has to take the responsibility of transporting the corpse to their hometown. We make life easier in this situation. We were contacted for a person, who passed away in Ahmedabad.

We made arrangements for the pending documentation so that the person could travel with ease. After this task was complete, we booked air travel to Lucknow. From Lucknow, we booked road travel to Sultanpur, which is the hometown.

We have always helped people in situations when they have to travel with a corpse to their hometown or get a corpse transported to the destination. There is always a sense of satisfaction in providing this service to people in need.