From Pithoragarh to Trivandrum By Air
November 6, 2023
From Ahmedabad To Lucknow By Air To Sultanpur By Road
November 15, 2023

From Hyderabad To Guwahati By Air


We take it quite personally when someone dies. There is no pain that is greater than losing someone. It is a story of a woman who had taken her husband for his treatment in Hyderabad. What happens next will tear your heart apart. The person couldn’t fight the battle and breathed his last.

Death is that truth that no one can deny. Life gets tougher for a family, especially for a spouse. The lady who lost her husband was the only one accompanying her husband. We got the NOC done for the woman and helped her at least cross that hurdle of running pillar to post. After the documentation was complete, we booked her air ticket to Guwahati. The spouse’s corpse was booked in the same flight.

After they reached Guwahati, we made further travel arrangements so she could travel peacefully to her hometown, far from the city. After she reached home with her husband’s corpse, we breathed a sigh of relief.