From Pune To Raigarh Via Mumbai and Raipur
November 6, 2023
From Hyderabad To Guwahati By Air
November 15, 2023

From Pithoragarh to Trivandrum By Air

Lives matter to us not just when they are alive but even after death. Would like to share one story that will give you a synopsis of how we provide our impeccable services. An army professional’s corpse had to be transported from Pithoragarh to Trivandrum. Here’s what we did.

We completed the documentation process and used a corpse freezer ambulance to transport the body to Delhi. As the body reached Delhi, we observed that the body had belly stitches that had distorted. We didn’t want to ignore the sight. The internal organs were visible. We, therefore, took the initiative of cleaning the wounded area and stitched it all over again for a better sight. The motive was to ensure the body didn’t reach the family in a sad state. Once the process of dressing the corpse’s body was done, we still had eight hours for the next transport. We kept the corpse in the mortuary for the remaining hours and after the body had to out to the destination, we embalmed and arranged the right-sized coffin.

After all this arrangement, we booked an air ambulance for the corpse along with the passenger tickets for others accompanying. Our job is to help the family and friends receive their loved ones’ corpses in the condition that they have seen them alive. This has been our humanitarian gesture in transporting dead bodies from one place to another.