"Our primary objective at Express Dead Body Domestic Air Transport Service is to expect customer's needs, then help them by providing skilled services".

Everyone ought to be transported to their last resting place. There are laws for transporting the died whether they pass away in their own particular bed or abroad. There are some documents need to assemble, strategies for Human Remain Domestic Air Transport to settle on and expenses to consider.

Funerals themselves are no basic issue nowadays, with enactment overseeing numerous parts of the procedure. The grieving family frequently don't know where to begin and can commit the error of simply depending upon their neighborhood burial service home, who may not be versant with the complexities of funeral home transportation.

The outcome can be a superfluous and excessively costly extra cost. The more you can understand the protocols and terminology of funeral shipping, the better educated you are and the more you can stay in control of the procedure.

Domestic shipping (i.e. inside the nation ) can frequently be arranged at a reasonable expense if just a '‘minimum ship-out service’ is contracted for the dispatching burial service home.

Express dead body transport services provide services for shipment of the human dead body in entire India by Air, Rail and Road mode as per convenience/Requirement of the Client. We Provide Services to obtain Documents Required for Shipment of Dead Body within India & International Services include; Documentation Assistance, Embalming, Coffin Box, Customs Clearance, Cargo Booking & Attendant Travel arrangement(Tickets, visa. etc.).

At times, you may require intermediate mortuary services before actual shipment or due to any unforeseen delay; we will arrange interim mortuary services for the dead body.

Following Documents are required for shipment to Domestic Destinations:

  • Death Certificate from respective Hospital.
  • Embalming Certificate (Hospital which embalms the human body)
  • No Objection Certificate from the Local Police.
  • Dead Body should be packed in the coffin in sealed condition.
  • Coffin Box Maker certificate
  • Photo ID card (Original Passport / Driving License/ Aadhar Card / Electoral ID Card) issued by respective Authority.
  • Contact details & address of consignee who will take delivery at the Airport.
  • No Objection certificate from the respective country consulate.


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