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February 22, 2021
Dead Body Road, Air, Train Transport Ambulance Services
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Laying Out a DeadBody: Dying at Home

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The stopping of the heartbeat can’t take away the countless memories and immense love we feel for a near one. Taking care of a family member’s dead body after they have left the world can be a comforting experience for many people, especially for those who have been involved in nursing them during the later stage of their life. If you so attached to the dead that you feel no one else other than you should groom and clean them for their last rite, this blog will be extremely be helpful for you. Although a majority of people trust only professionals to perform the task, it can be emotionally rewarding to spend a little more time with the deceased loved one.

Before the dead body is transported to its final destination, you can take the 5 steps listed below to give it the necessary care and prep the deceased for a funeral.

  • Lay them down – Their entire body needs to be cleaned, preferably before the rigor mortis sets in. Spread a clean sheet and lay them flat on their back. You will need at least two people to place the body in a comfortable position with legs and hands resting straight. Don’t forget to turn on the AC to maintain a temperature appropriate for the dead body.
  • Closing the Openings – In most of the ceremonies before the last rites take place, the dead body is viewed by the funeral attendants. The face of the deceased should look peaceful and recognizable. Close their eyes with a sight force with help of your fingertips. Do it for the mouth too. Place a fluffy towel under their chin and if possible, tie a scarf around their face, it can be removed after a few hours.
  • Facial Cleaning – In case of a men, the facial hair can be trimmed or removed for a neat appearance. Use a wet towel or a tissue to remove the dirt on their face, the same can be done for their hair. Washing the hair is completely a personal choice. If you wish you can dress them in their usual accessories towards the end.
  • Body Cleaning – Fluids might spill out from the openings while you start with the body, so place absorbent pads around the vulnerable areas. You can use a towel or a bigger sponge to sanitise the body. Dip it in a soapy solution and gentle wipe each and every part. Start from the top and slowly reach the bottom. To minimise odours, dry their skin with a second towel. Now you can put new gown or clothes over their body. In hospitals typically, the deceased’s pelvic area is covered in a sanitary diaper to block the involuntary flow of fluids.
  • Grooming – When you are on the edge to say goodbye to your loved one, you must listen to your heart and do what feels right. There is nothing wrong in pampering your loved one with some fragrance, applying nail paint or putting a subtle makeup as they did while alive. These moments can become a memory of a lifetime and always remind you of the care you offered to your loved one before they truly left home.

Following Hygiene Measures

Looking at the dead body of a loved one can be unbearable for some people. But, if you wish to care for them before the departure, it can be done in five easy steps stated above. This requires special attention to maintaining hygine. Before you go for the process, you must consult a healthcare professional and get your cleaning supplies. While you perform the cleaning, it is important to wear protective gear and gloves all the time. Once you have completed the cleaning and disposed off the waste, you can pour all your love over your dear one.

If you wish you can keep the personal belongings of your loved ones after disinfecting them.

About Dead Body Transport: We specialize in transporting dead body across the entire nation. Loss of a loved one is a soul-shattering experience. Our team understands the emotional turmoil you undergo during that time. To help you out, along with taking the dead body to its final destination we also aid you in finding an affordable embalming service, so you the loved one in same condition as you are used to seeing them during the last rites.