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Is there any hope for things to go back to normal? Can I continue living my life without remembering I lost someone so precious to me? Why did that happen? There are countless such questions that bombard the mind of the bereaved. The traumatic emotional state they enter after hearing their love one doesn’t exist can push them into beginning a complicated journey, they thought would never be a part of their life. Shock, denial, anger, frustration and more, these emotions stir an inner war in the lamenting individuals. If you are questioning the course of events that led to the horrific outcome, you are not alone, Express Funeral Services are there to support you. Every person facing the death of a loved one undergoes the same experience. 

The below 5 strategies will guide you and help you find some ground and get started with your new life – 

1.Letting the Emotions Out – If you are the person solely responsible for performing the last rites of the dead, drawing the will and making other important decisions, you might remind yourself to stay strong. Although you need to be in the right state of mind to perform the required duties, it shouldn’t stop you from grieving their going away. Suppressing your grief expands your emotional baggage. 

Ignoring your mental health can have an adverse impact in the long run. Take a break if you can or delegate your tasks to trusted loved ones, so you can accept your near one has departed instead of shoving up the fact.

2.Connecting to Family and Friends – Such a heart-breaking event can shatter you from inside. The soothing words from your family and friends might feel meaningless at the moment. However, gradually their company can comfort you as they will keep a check on your health by asking you to eat, exercise and continue working. Isolating yourself from the people who can do anything to see you happy only increases the intensity of sadness and grief you experience as there is no one to distract you. 

3.Giving Expression to Your Grief – In the weaker moments you might feel you are alone, and the world has come to an end. Encountering such thoughts is common for bereaving individuals. You may also believe you can’t bear the despair, and the immense disturbance you feel will never recede. With time as you indulge in the daily routine and shift your focus on your own life, you will notice the profound awareness of the loss of a loved one is beginning to diminish. There is no fixed timeline for bereavement. Some people can reach a healthy mental state in a few months while others can take years. 

Creative ways such as writing down your thoughts into a notebook, or painting can help you achieve a better mental state. 

4.Communicating – While you are mourning someone’s death, you can feel stuck as your mind is in a confused state. Discussing your feelings or memories that personal to you and an integral part of your life might not feel right.

Some people fill the urge to describe the most momentous moments of their deceased loved one’s life. Enveloping themselves in the past is comforting to them. Talking about death is not an easy task, people around you wouldn’t have an idea of how they should respond to you. But what is important here is to start a conversation and not isolate yourself. 

5.Going to a Therapist - As time goes by, most people self-heal and become used to their changed life. More often than not, they face the 5 stages of grief i.e., denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. First and foremost, the priority for a bereaving individual it to not count the days and spend time in a wholesome manner. However, if after considerable time you are still struggling to cope up with their death, it becomes necessary to visit your therapist. 

The medical professional can pinpoint and understand what is bothering you and help you to heal. 

Honoring your dead loved one is one of the key methods of reducing the pain and acknowledging their departure. If he/she died in a different corner of the country, bringing him/her back for the funeral can take significant efforts. Dead Body Transport serves as the ultimate helping hand here. We not only transport the dead but also complete the mandated formalities for you. This gives you more time to process the shocking news and accept the going away of your loved one.