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The death of a loved one is undoubtedly a painful experience. Everyone has a unique grieving process. While some of us remain melancholy for a few weeks and begin to heal in a time of a month, others can take years to go back to what they normally used to be. Instead of stressing on the fact that your loved one is no more, you can divert your attention to spreading their happy memories by conducting their celebration of life. What it is, and should you get involved in it? You can easily decide it after reading about the Express Funeral Service.

Definition – As it sounds, the celebration of life is a time when people gather to celebrate the journey, precisely the life of the deceased. Opposed to the gloomy atmosphere and low spirits that fill everyone at the funeral/ cremation, it is designed to help the family and close friends remember the person in a cheerful way.

When is the right time to begin it?

Unlike conventional rituals, which have restrictive timelines, a celebration of life can happen at any point of time. Usually, it takes place after the death of the person. However, if your loved one's end is near and you want them to experience the gratitude you feel for having them in your life, doing it before they die is also a great idea.

Listen to your heart. If after the dead body is transported to your home or mortuary, you think more than a somber ceremony; a joyful one is something your loved one would look forward to, you can have it right after the last rites.

Where should it take place?

The venue holds a major importance in setting the right atmosphere. It can be the hospital room if you get the required permission from the authorities. In case the event is occurring after death, consider a locale your loved one was fond of. It can be a restaurant or cafe he/ she often visited, a sports parlor if or loved one had a deep-rooted passion towards a game and so on.

How to nail it?

Planning is the key to make any endeavor a success. You must create a thorough list of things you wish to do during the event. To help you out, we came up with a guide below: -

Before the event

1. Decide a Dress Code –Prior to you send invites, you should arrange the day in a manner that every attendee feels comfortable. A common dress code does two things: it unites the guests into a community and ensures no one serves as an unwelcome distraction. No need for strict guidelines, it can either be laid-back casuals or the bland white funeral dress usually worn at Indian ceremonies.

2. Ask for mementoes/ donation beforehand – If, instead of the common offerings of fruits, you want the guests to bring a memento, inform them early on. Do you think the deceased would cherish donations to a charity? Then, why not do it now? You can request the attendees to make donations to a particular NGO or charity they were a patron of.

On D-day

Below are some ideas you can exclude to maximize the participation of the attendees and provide your loved one a commemoration they genuinely deserve –

• Memory Book: The people who have had a great involvement in your dear one's life might think they know everything about them. Why not surprise them with some fun, unseen photos? Ask the attendees to bring a picture they believe no one has ever seen and then put them together in a photo book. Becoming a conversation starter, it will allow people to connect as they narrate how, when and where the photos were taken.

• Plant a Seed: Did she became instantly happy after sighting lilies? Or loved the smell of roses? We all have a peculiar liking towards certain plants. You can ask the guests to bring seeds of their favorite one and have a planting ceremony at the end.

• Play a video: Your loved one's journey is their true legacy; it can't be erased from your family history. Ink it in the attendees' minds with a soul-touching video showing them from the time they were just a toddler to adulthood. You can even add some funny pictures. Your deceased loved one wouldn't be embarrassed when it makes everyone laugh till their stomach aches.

• Playing soundtracks, they loved – Music has the power to stir strong emotions within a wink of an eye. Playing cheerful songs, they often listened to can fill the atmosphere will their true persona.

Before you go….

At Express dead body transport, we regularly provide guides on how to deal with the problems that surface after the death of you loved ones. The most common one is bringing a dead home. We have a skilled team that can become your first point of contact and successfully get them to you from any corner of the country.