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April 28, 2021
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For many of us, the times when our closed one begins living away is probably the most difficult phase of our lives. When we hear of any physical harm done to them or about a health issue that is causing them trouble, our heart bleeds. Their untimely dead is an unbearable blow to our mental as well as physical well-being. During such an adversity, you need peace and a service like Express Dead Body Air Transport that can reduce the intensity of agony you feel. Last rites and the funeral ceremony cement the fact that your loved one is gone that shall never return. It pushes you from the stage of denial to acceptance or anger oftentimes. While none of the bereaved like to accept the loved one doesn’t exist, organizing or even being part of the funeral lays the groundwork for a less traumatic future.

Moreover, when the family members see they aren’t alone and other people too are undergoing the same feelings of regret and grief, they find some peace and solace sharing the experiences.

With the increased risk of spreading of Covid 19, most states in the country have limit the funeral gathering to only 20 people. That means you can invite only family members and a few close friends of the deceased. Still, you can make the funeral counts by following the below steps –

1. Right now, or Later? – Due to the current health crisis in the nation, inter-state transportation is not feasible for most of the individuals. There are possibilities that majority of the people your dead near one wished to have by their side during the last rituals can’t attend it now. While postponing the ceremony to a later date might sound like a better idea, it might not be a reasonable one.

For one, there is a possibility the covid guidelines might not be eased in your state in second, with passage of time the grief over their death will diminish. If the deceased lived in another city or country, talk to a funeral professional like Express Dead Body Air Transport and arrange the arrival of the dead body of the deceased to his/her home town where a small ceremony with only your extended family and a few other people could be organized.

2. Hosting Remembrance Event – The pandemic might have limited your options when it comes to physical presence of your family and friends, the same doesn’t holds true for virtual meetings! Video calling is the easiest way to get everyone together who loved the deceased and wants to share an anecdote, an interesting fact about the person or simply pay their condolences.

With it too, like an actual get-together you need a bit of planning. Message everyone at least one day before - the timing of the event, the app on which you are hosting it, and if you are keeping it formal, the dress code.

3. Online Memorial – It is not uncommon for people to revisit the happy memories of their deceased loved one from time to time. Previously it was done in form of bulky photo albums every household would have. In today’s digital era, mobile phones and other gadgetry has replaced a lot of things. Building a site with their most remarkable moments recorded in it can be a good place to start. Or you can go to a memorial site which has special functionalities to create amazing memorial walls that stay on the internet for endless years.

Showing their notable work on the memorial site can be a great idea to tell the visitors of the kind of person the deceased was.

Everyone has a different way of loving their dead. If you do not wish to share their prized memories with the world and still want to put down every single memory their name floods your mind in physical form, you can create a memorial scarp book.

4. Charity – The sole purpose of funeral is doing something that helps you grieve and makes the deceased proud of their existence. Donating to charity can be the best way to honour their going away. It doesn’t have to be huge. You might already be burdened by the funeral expenses, so it can come from the attendees too.

Graciously tell them about your idea and the part they can play.

5. Write an Obituary – Nothing can be as better as writing and publishing an obituary to tell the world how much you cared for the deceased near one. Haven’t ever written one? For starters, it is a small description of the person along with the announcement of their death. You can highlight the accomplishments they made during their time and close it with the information of funeral place, date and time.