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Five Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring a Funeral Service


Mr. Sanjay Khanna

When you have a limited time for performing the last rite of your deceased loved ones hiring a funeral service is the best option. The funeral staff will help you in every step from obtaining the necessary document to buying the coffin box.
Here are the questions you must ask the funeral service providers before hiring them –

Q1. How will you transport the dead body?
If you live in another town, city or country the body must be transferred to funeral home in your place. Delivering the dead body in an ac ambulance is a must to maintain it in a stable condition. The provider should have the facility to transport the corpse by airways as well as roadways and airways. It gives you the flexibility to choose transportation that suits your needs.

Q2. Do you assist in the paperwork?
Documentation process consumes most of the time after death. You’ll have to obtain the NOC, death certificate, PNR number, coffin certificate and embalming certificate respectively. A number of after death service providers guide you through everything. Thus, it wouldn’t take you long to acquire all the documents and soon you can start the death rituals.

Q3. Is there is a hearse available during my time slot?
It‘s vital the hearse reaches to your home on time. Being late or too early can create chaos for the funeral attendees. Further, in many culture people prefers to cremate the dead body within a window of 24 hours.

Q4. What is the cost of conducting the funeral?
Get details of the services they offer in the funeral packages and the cost you will have to pay.

Q5. Who will be responsible for the entire funeral?
You must know the person who you will hold accountable for all the tasks. Generally it is the funeral director.