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April 3, 2019
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April 10, 2019

The Need of Mortuary Freezer Box in Hospitals

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Freezer Ambulance Delhi

A mortuary freezer box is an important asset for hospitals to safely store dead bodies. The dead body freezing helps to protect the facial features from deteriorating. Thus, the funeral attendees can look at the face of the deceased person during the visitation without any uneasiness.
A mortuary freezer box keeps the body in the same condition as the person died for months. The deceased is mainly stored in the dead body freezer when –

1. The dead body is unclaimed.
2. It takes time for the relative or guardian to arrive.
3. The body has to be sent for post-mortem or organ donation.
4. The death of the person is under investigation.
5. Documentation procedure is on hold.
6. The body needs to be embalmed.
7. The funeral arrangement is postponed.

A morgue safeguards the body elevating your worries about the dead when you can’t reach the hospital in time to collect the body. Further the mortician occasionally checks the condition of the body to ensure the body is in stable condition.

If you can’t reach the morgue or it’s impossible for you to attain the dead body due to some legal legislation the undertaker can even conduct a funeral on your behalf.