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Facilities provided at Funeral Services

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The funeral services help the families of the deceased by arranging the funeral. From the preparation for execution of the funeral to the late rites; the funeral director is responsible for everything.
Here are some basic facilities offered at the funeral homes –
1. Performing the paperwork.
2. Getting the certificates for receiving the dead body.
3. Storing the mortal remains safely.
4. Coordinating with cremation services.
5. Receiving and forwarding the remains.
6. Planning the burial and cremation.
In some case the family required additional service other than the above. These services are pricey and add extra charges to the budget. Often this includes purchasing goods from the third party vendors.
1. Embalming as per the laws.
2. Cosmetic treatment for an open casket funeral.
3. Booking the funeral home or a chapel for memorial service.
4. Arranging the hearse.
5. Buying the coffin box/ casket or burial container.
6. Buying decorative items like flowers (only if requested by the family)
The basic facilities are offered in every funeral home. The above good and services are offered with an additional fee as the funeral director has to pay in advance in order to rent the hearse, hire an embalmer, etc.
According to your budget, you can make the funeral extra special by booking other services if you feel the urge.