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September 8, 2018
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September 19, 2018

How to Transport a Dead Body Transport by Air?

Do you want to airlift your loved one’s body? You must know how to illegally handle the process.
Here is a guide to all the arrangement you will have to make during the process –
1. Approved Shipper
When you transport a dead body transport by air in or out of the country the shipping company must be approved to transfer human remains.
2. Escorting the body
The dead body is shipped via the air cargo facility for a corpse. It is collected by the funeral home personal at the cargo terminal. As the dead body belongs to you, it gives a legal right to escort the deceased person. You can ship your dead loved ones on the airplane you will be riding. Also, you can collect the body instead of the funeral representative.
3. Pre-funeral measures
In some of the countries, body embalming is necessary for air shipping the body. If your religion does not allows embalming it can create a chaos. You would have to choose another mode of transportation or consult your local religious head.
4. Cost of dead body flight
The cost depends on the weight of the body & the distance between the departure point and the destination. Along with the shipment, the dead body shifting company will also charge you for the shipping container.