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August 13, 2018
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August 20, 2018

Deadbody Flight – Best Solution for People Died Abroad

transporting dead body by air

Did your relative or family member died in a foreign country? It can be a complex process to perform the funeral in a country which is not your native birthplace. In such a condition, dead body flight is the best solution. It will transfer the deceased person’s body to the hometown saving the expense of the entire family travel.

Also, the paperwork is easy to handle in your own country as you are familiar with the documentation process. In another nation getting the approval from the respective authority can be difficult. In home town you can also get the moral support & assistance of the citizens.

You will just have to create the DC from the local hospital in case the person died at home or from a respective hospital in case he/ she was already admitted. After you obtain the DC the next step is to go to the police station. Once the police officer is sure the death is natural, they will provide you with the clearance. The dead body in the plane is carried in the coffin box. It must be embalmed before placing it in the dead body coffin box.

For this, you will require the embalming certificate & coffin certification.

After all the above steps are taken, you can successfully transport the dead body. The dead body shifting is faster and better via the airway dead body transport service.