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August 13, 2018
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Coffin Box for Corpse Disposal

dead-body-coffin box

In future a stage will come when you body will no longer work resulting in dead. Life is a beautiful gift of god but comes to an end. We can’t stop people from dying as it is the law of nature. But, we must respect our loved one even after their death. The dead body should receive a great funeral. All the death rituals should be performed as per the religious practices.
Before the burial / cementation the body must be kept in a coffin box in order to preserve it from decay. If you are conducting the funeral without the help of a funeral director here are some points you must consider –
1. If burial ceremony is followed in your culture, buy a coffin composed of biodegradable material. It should clearly display then name of the deceased person.
2. A coffin can be decorated. If you wish you add something to the box that symbolizes your feeling & affection, go ahead.
3. The maximum dimension is approximately 82 inches x 33 inches x 25 inches. Buy a coffin which is equal to or smaller than this size.
After reading the above points you will be able to select the best funeral services in Delhi.