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Basic things you must know about embalming services

Embalming service Delhi

It is important that your deceased loved one look good on the visitation. People always remember last public appearance of a person before the burial. You can honour the dead of your family member by giving them a natural look. Embalming body is one of the ways to do that.

Here is some basic information you must know before the embalmers start their work –

1. Who decides the dead person will be embalmed or not?

Either of the blood relatives or closed one who received the body from the hospital has the right of disposition. If the deceased person has not declared the process he/ she wanted to be followed for their funeral, the authority is passed to the family member. If the member wish to embalming the decedent, they can. If the decedent has a left funeral instruction for his/ her family, then it will depend their wish.

2. What is the cost of embalming?

The cost differs according to the embalming service. If the dead body is distorted or damaged due to injuries, cuts, etc. It might require advanced procedures which can increase your budget.

3. Does embalming preserves the body?

With embalming services the dead body will decompose in the room temperature. It will result in foul odour, discolouration of skin, and other physical changes.