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Types of Funeral Car in Delhi

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Usually, people picture a black hearse when the word funeral car pops up anywhere. In the olden times, people carry the dead body to the cremation or burial instead of the vehicle.

This age-old scenario is changing due to the increase in the traffic and scarcity of time. For your loved one to rest in peace it is important to give them a comfortable last ride. A funeral car in Delhi exactly helps you in doing that.

Here are the three basic type of funeral cars you can book in Delhi –

1. First Call Cars

If you don’t have the time for grieving, you would begin the transportation process as soon as you are permitted to have the body. In such a case you will need a funeral vehicle immediately. People who travel from overseas for performing the last rite of their loved ones book the funeral car urgently.
After you make a call through the car will reach in time but it would be a regular car instead of a standard funeral vehicle.

2. Hearse Car

Unlike the first call, car hearse is modified to carry coffins and caskets. You can book a luxurious or fancy car to honour your deceased family member. You can book the modal as per your preference. If your family will accompany the body choose a car can accommodate everyone. You can also book two cars instead of one. Traditionally carriage where used to pull the coffin buggies at the back.

3. Floral Car

These were popular in western society. These are cars with an open back (cargo area) containing the coffin book along with flowers. Additionally, it can have a photo of the deceased person. The expense of buying flowers at cover the entire back is larger due to which flower cars aren’t an affordable option.

5. Combination Cars

It has features of both a hearse and mortuary vehicle. It contains medical equipment, dead body freezer etc. Thus, it can be used as an ambulance to transport dead from hospital to funeral home as well a hearse.
With the changing taste of the people the designs, shapes and sizes in which cars are available for the funeral is changing.

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