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November 10, 2018
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December 10, 2018

The role of Funeral director in funeral services

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Funeral services can be comforting during the grieving process. All the responsibilities related to arranging the funeral falls on the funeral director’s shoulder giving you enough time to deal with the death of your loved one.
The funeral directors play a major role in managing funerals. Their work can be divided into three segments:-
Before Funeral
After you get the dead certificate the funeral director has to see the dead body is safely transported to the funeral home. If the person has deceased in another country then the dead body is transported by air whereas for a shorter distance ac ambulance is an adequate.
• He (funeral director) is responsible for the paperwork work of burial or cremation. Once the venue, date and time of the funeral ceremony are fixed the funeral director has to approach the local press for publishing dead notice, inviting people on your behalf.
• As per your preference the funeral services will either send a card or call your close family members and friends to attend the funeral.
• The next step is to book a hearse; arrange coffin, pooja items for last rite, flowers and catering services.
During the Funeral
• The flowers, body and other necessary articles are transported to the funeral venue.
• The funeral director takes care – the family; friend and priest reach the venue at right time. Once everyone is present, the last rites are performed.
• The entire ceremony is done according to the traditional rituals followed by your family.
After funeral
• The ashes are collected and send to you after the cremation whereas if you buried the deceased loved one, your will be asked the design & details to be engraved on the gravestone.
• A memorial service is arranged for people who couldn’t attend the funeral.
Those who already have lost loved ones often complain you never had enough time to mourn their death. Organizing a funeral is painstaking process which consumes most of the bereavement stage. Visit your nearby funeral service today and make your loved ones funeral memorable.