Advantages of using mortuary freezerbox
August 25, 2018
Choosing the Inter-city dead body transport service
September 8, 2018

Reasons for choosing dead body freezer

Freezer Ambulance

Freezer Ambulance

Freezing the dead body is an easy and cost-effective method of preserving the body from decomposing. The deceased are stored at a temperature below 40 F in a mortuary freezer box with ice or gel packs to hold-up decaying.
Here are the reasons for choosing a dead body freezer –

1. Delay in Cremation or Burial

Freezing is generally used when the viewing or funeral ceremony has to take place after a few days or weeks of the death. Many of the funeral homes do not allow embalmed bodies to be buried as the chemical can harm the soil. You need to store the body in a mortuary freezer box when a big time window is present between the burial & transportation of the body to the funeral destination.

2. Eco-friendly
It is a green body storage method as in comparison to the other body preservation procedures it doesn’t release any chemical. The people working in the mortuary are not exposed to any dangerous health risk from the frozen bodies.

3. Low cost & Easy available

The charge of keeping a dead body in freezer box is economical. Also, the facility is available in many funeral homes & hospitals too.