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September 5, 2018
Dead Body Transport to India From Foreign Country
September 8, 2018

Choosing the Inter-city dead body transport service


Basically there are three means for dead body shifting – airway, railways & roadways. Are you puzzled which is the right dead body transport service? It depends on the distance between the cities and the condition of the deceased loved one.
1. Dead body aeroplane – Air cargo is required to transport the deceased through airways. It is the best alternative when the dead body has stayed in another city for a longer time and the distance between the starting point and destination is huge. It becomes necessary to a book dead body plane when funeral rituals are to be performed within in a limited period. The dead body is kept in a coffin; sealed with plastic sheet and dispatched as a cargo. The charges are applied as per the freight rate.
2. Road Ambulance – It is used to transport the body from the hospital to the home and sometimes homes to a funeral. This ambulance has freezer mortuary boxes that maintain low temperature and reduce decay. It is best for a shorter distance than are less than 50 km.
3. Dead body train – In India express train dead body transfer is offered by the train for a faster. According to the state’s legislation embalming might be necessary. If you want to pay the lowest charge contract the minimum ship-out services for the dispatch.
Whatever mode you choose you must have NOC, post-mortem report, death certificate, embalming certificate, etc. for the dead body transport.