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August 12, 2023
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Why is embalming important to preserve a body for a longer period of time?


It is natural that a body starts decomposing after death. The body hardens and gets colder as the time passes by. Most families believe in embalming for several reasons. Two of the most important reasons are beautification and slowing the decomposing process. In this blog, we will discuss why and how embalming helps in preserving a body for a longer period. Read on to know more.

Importance of embalming in time locking

Outstation loved ones: Not everyone is present when a person dies. They may have families and children outside for which they would need time to reach for the last rites. When a person dies, every second counts. For the body to look the way they are in deep sleep and not death, embalming plays a vital role.

Autopsy process: Once the autopsy is performed, there may be stitches and cuts in various parts of the body. The embalming process after the autopsy helps in retaining the body's beauty and getting it ready for the final burial. If the autopsy happens in a different city, it becomes more necessary to follow the embalming process so that the body doesn’t decay.

It is also to be remembered that not everyone is authorized to perform embalming. It can only be exercised by a licensed professional. It is your choice to choose embalming or you may skip it. It depends on the distance, time, and process after the death that the family decides for the embalming procedure.