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How a Dead Body is Stored in Mortuary Freezer Box?
October 18, 2018
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The Need of Dead Body Freezer Box in Mortuary Ambulance
November 10, 2018

Preparing the Body for Embalming


The job of embalmers isn’t as simple as it looks. Before embalming they have to take a number of steps. Preparing the body for embalming process is crucial when the body parts or face is distorted by injuries, cuts, etc.
The body can be preserved for weeks and even months with the process. A small cut is made into the body through which the embalming liquid (a blend of formaldehyde, wetting agents glutaraldehyde, methanol and humectants, etc.) replaced the blood.
Cleaning the Dead body
1. The primary step includes washing the body with disinfectants. This removed the blood and dirt on the body.
2. The body is then dried by wiping it from the tissues or disposable napkins.
3. The facial hairs are shaved. Occasionally shaving other parts of the body is also required.
4. To reduce the stiffness the dead body is massaged by the mortuary workers.
Fixing the Face
For the viewing it is important deceased person’s face looks natural even after the dead. For this purpose surgeries are performed by embalmers to reduce the effects of major facial injuries. If the face has minor injuries cosmetic treatments are preferred.