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Need Of Wooden Coffin Box For Carrying A Dead Body

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When we lose someone who loves, the world around us stopped that moment. To deal with this situation, we have to think about the next steps to be taken. The first step is to call the concerned person and inform about the current situation — Plan where the body will be transported. A wooden coffin box is a specially designed box that holds the body of the deceased to the funeral. Like a casket, it can also be used for viewing and burial.

To describe a container that holds dead bodies for burial is known as a coffin box since the beginning of the 16th century. The shape of the coffin usually resembles the shape of the body and has six or eight sides. It is wider at the top of the shoulder and gradually decreasing width toward the end where the feet are placed. Depending on all the bells and whistles, one chooses to adorn the coffin, hexagonal, or octagonal shape is considered to store wood for construction and can be cheaper than a casket.

You can choose the type of casket as per your choice. Some manufacturers of the coffin box in Delhi even customize the design. Coffins are most often made of wood or metal, and the quality of the material impact of the price.
While most of the coffins made of wood or metal, they can also be made from other materials such as fiberglass. Some even include a glass cover that allows the permanent display of the body.

These boxes are made up of substances that can be solved and a double-layered to prevent the stench from radiating out. The coffin box needs to transfer the bodies to a destination without any discomfort and proper hygiene. Now day’s freezers are installed in an ambulance van as well so that the body can be brought to your destination with ease.