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July 22, 2021
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September 3, 2021

Letting Go the Fear of Death-Guide

The words' dying' and 'death' are enough to cause distress to any person who has lost a loved one in their life. Unpleasantness evoked by contemplating over this inevitable event of life often stops us from having any conversations about it. Only when the need arises and we can't go on with our daily lives without taking notice of death being an inseparable part of our existence, do we acknowledge that one day everyone has to die.

When we are near our end, the avoidance we showed our whole life to develop mortality salience leads to fear and apprehensions bubbling in our hearts. No matter how profound your response might be to your impending death, you can achieve a sense of calm and peace by giving it acceptance. Although just imagining you can't breathe might feel overwhelming, when you use mindfulness to cope up with such worries, it dwarfs your anxieties and stress level.

Today's blog is a part of our' preparation for last days series' where we discuss the different aspects that need your attention when you are about to enter the end-of-life period.

1. Give It a Thought - Not only ill elderly men and women but also people who have reached an old age should ponder over the possibility of death. Giving yourself time to wander over the inevitability of the dying freely prepares you to accept the last days gracefully. Your fear of no longer staying alive will decrease as you set on a path to making the necessary preparations. It also brings you clarity of what your present priorities should be as you have limited time left with yourself.

2. Hold Meaningful Discussions - The lack of public dialogue around death has minimized the day-to-day conversions on the matter. Though gloomy and depressing it sounds, addressing the fact, your death is near has its perks. It makes dying a normal part of your life and gives you a chance to speak up about all the uncertainties and emotions you are experiencing going down the untraveled road.

3. Planning Your Death - Although this might sound bizarre, visualizing how you want your last days to end helps you achieve more comfort. Meticulously planning where you want to be and the people who should surround you have two significant implications. First, it allows you to seek closure as you identify the loved ones and friends you want to see before you cease to exist. Second, you are capable of conjuring a setup that feels at home during the last moment.

4. Connect with the Dying - When a person is living his last days, the body undergoes several changes as it prepares for the ultimate shutdown. Caring for such a patient can be helpful. Supporting him will allow you to understand the medical assistance you will need in future. Sooner or later, you will also realize how important compassion is both towards others and yourself. It can be done either by volunteering at an elderly care home or hospital/ hospice.

5. Overcome Fear - We as humans are psychologically engineered to strive for survival. So, till the last moment, you will feel uneasiness as death comes to you. But, one way to position yourself above the complexities of death is feeling powerful. According to the study published here, it makes you less anxious.

6. Write Your Own Obituary - Jotting down the formal address of your death has a twofold benefit. It offers you a vision of how your funeral should proceed and the way people should remember you. Dead body transport is now offering funeral services, too, along with the regular services it caters. So, you can contact us and get help.

Conclusion: We die once. The death sadly can't be undone. So, taking all the necessary steps to live your last days restfully and peacefully is essential. We hope today's guide proves helpful to you. Dead body transport will provide such guides in the coming days to act as a support for people who are nearing death.