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November 15, 2019
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November 18, 2019

Know The Importance Of Mortuary Freezer Box

Death of your loved one is a traumatic experience. Its time to move on and time to console the family. Most of all, without the pulls and pressures of arranging the last rites, managing logistics, and legal formalities, you need time alone. Mortuary freezer box is used to keep dead bodies for a short or long time and is the low-temperature refrigerated cabinets. At hospitals, railways, airports, disaster camps, and the army used such a dead body freezer box.

With a low-temperature dead bodies freezer box refers to the stainless steel freezer box that will help to preserve the dead body without any decay. The box for dead bodies freezing is made up of solid substances and is double layered to prevent any foul smell from emitting out. The temperature ranges from 2 degree Celsius to -15 degree Celsius in a dead body freezer box, which stops emitting any foul smell.

The dead body freezing box has the digital temperature indicator cum controller to automatically change the temperature according to the requirement of the body.

To preserve the dead bodies of people, postmortem or cremation is the objective of using this mortuary freezerbox. Under low temperatures, Customers use this box to store cadaverous for preventing decomposition due to contact with surroundings. Due to its maintenance-free design, these are mostly demanded in hospitals, clinics, healthcare centers, medical institutes, and nursing homes. Via a control panel, one can easily regulate the temperature of this Dead body freezer box. The box is made up of compressors, temperature regulators, wires, PCBs, and other components. The structure of this box is fitted on castor wheels to allow convenient portability and Concealed with a transparent glass enclosure.

The dead body has to be preserved for long with the help of a freezer ambulance or box. The freezer will let everyone have the last meeting with the person who is dead and retain the freshness. Your final resort is a Mortuary freezer box.