transporting dead body by air
Transport Dead Body via Air
July 4, 2018
Make Quick Arrangements for Dead Body Transport
July 13, 2018

Keep the Body free of Decomposition

dead body transport by air

A dead body needs to be taken care of until the final rituals happen. But keeping it fresh until then is a challenge. This is because the body starts to decompose after a few hours of death. If you wish to keep the body for a few days until the final rituals happen in presence of all the family and friends, then you would need embalmers. These embalmers are professionals who do embalming of the body to keep it preserved for a few days. You can find many embalmers in Delhi who can help you when there is a death in the family. Embalming today is an important task and it should be done by professionals only. If any part of the body is left out while embalming the decomposition process would start and the body would not be fresh when the final rituals are about to happen. So call them as and when you get such news.