transporting dead body by air
Transporting Dead Bodies via Air
May 16, 2018
Embalming service Delhi
Know about the Alternative to Embalming!
June 20, 2018

Get your Loved Ones their Last Royal Ride in Funeral Car


Being a Christian, you would need a funeral car for your last rituals. They are also called as hearse vans and are now easily available through online platforms. Previously it was difficult to find a hearse van in Delhi and now it is just a phone call away. These hearse cars are custom made and can help you with your requirements. You must have seen many types of hearse van in India which are long enough to give your loved one the luxury last ride to the grave. It is made of glass sides on all the tree sides to help the relatives and friends bid adieu to their loved ones. You can find these funeral cars in different models depending on your preference along with color options. You do not have to worry about anything as the hearse car is just a phone call away and we understand that such services are required upfront as it cannot and should not be planned.