Why is it important to hire professional dead body transport services?
November 6, 2023
From Pune To Raigarh Via Mumbai and Raipur
November 6, 2023

Badrinath To Delhi To Kolkata By Air To Hometown Without Passenger

When people die, it’s extremely sad. And when this happens in a foreign land, it is even sadder. Our service plays a bigger role in such situations. We would like to share a heart-breaking story with you. A lady, from a nearby town of Kolkata, was in Badrinath for a tour. She passed away during her tour in the foreign land, Badrinath.

What next? Someone had to contact us. Her guide contacted us for immediate help. We ensured that her documentation was completed before her corpse was transported to Delhi. From there, her corpse was flown to Kolkata without any hassle.

In these two flights till the corpse was handed over to the family, there was no other passenger accompanying the body. Despite this, we transported the lady’s corpse from Badrinath to Kolkata seamlessly.