You dread the death of your loved ones, but when the day finally comes you have to show the courage to see their dead body and perform the last rites. Whether your next to kin suffered from a disease or suddenly expired, you must acquire the mandatory documents for the cremation/burial of their corpse. If your loved one lived isolated in another city, you might wish to bring him to your town for the funeral ceremony. This is where you need our dead body transport Ahmedabad by air services. Express dead body transport works with you at every step of the corpse repatriation process. Our professional staff has years of experience in the post-dead formalities and cargo carrier booking.

On your behalf, we will liaise with the funeral home/mortuary and the legal authorities to shift dead from the current location to the family. Dead body transport Ahmedabad by air is done at a reasonable cost. The body is carried with care and prepared for transportation by our staff. Before the cargo is booked, you must have the NOC from the local police station, death certificate from a nearby medical centre, the photo ID proof and coffin box and coffin certificate. The completion of the legal procedures can take a few days to weeks depending on the circumstances in which your loved one died. We have the facility to shift body between Ahmedabad and other cities inside the country, as well as outside and vice versa.

Though our services are budget-friendly the cost can go considerably higher in the case of international transportation.

We have tie-ups with several airlines across the entire nation. Once the documents are gathered and legal procedures are completed, finding an air cargo takes only a short while. If a relative or a loved one wishes to go with the cadaver, we can book a ticket for her/ him too. Call us now, and book your deceased last journey.

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